• Where do I track my time?
    We use the Harvest app to track all time. Please track your time in real time, as you’re working on projects. Harvest has both desktop and mobile apps, and timers can also be started from tickets in Jira.
  • How do I know which projects or tasks I should track time to?
    Your team lead will let you know which projects, tasks or categories you should be tracking time to. If you have questions about logging your time, ask Dani!
  • Will TEN7 cover my onboarding time?
    We know that when we start working together it’ll take you a little time to get your machine set up with the various tools we use and get up to speed on all our processes. TEN7 is happy to pay you for up to a full day (8 hours) of ramp-up time that you can log under the “Company Operations” project in Harvest.
  • Can I bill my local setup and switching time?
    It’s perfectly reasonable for you to log up to 3 hours of local setup time when you’re working on any new project — whether you’re just starting with TEN7 or you’ve been here a while and you’re asked to work on something new. That time should be logged to the client project and is billable to TEN7. This includes things like: pulling a repo, figuring out Flightdeck and Docker, importing a database, getting a vpn set up, compiling themes, and initial codebase discovery. Any additional time spent switching setups locally, troubleshooting or other time is not billable to clients and therefore not billable to TEN7.
  • Will TEN7 cover the time I need to get vaccinated? We’re so glad you asked! When you’re able to get vaccinated, please take the time you need to do so. TEN7 will pay for up to 2 hours of your time to do this. Please make sure to log your time in Harvest under TEN7 Time Off 2022 > Vaccinations. In addition, TEN7 will pay for your transportation costs to and from getting your vaccination: bus, Uber, train, or miles on a car. Please submit your transportation costs/mileage to: [email protected], and we’ll reimburse you $0.56/mile.
  • How often do I submit my timesheet?
    Please submit your timesheet at the end of each week. We can’t pay you unless you do. Your timesheet will be reviewed first thing on Monday morning, at which point that week’s time is approved.
  • How often should I invoice?
    We ask that you invoice us on a monthly basis — on the 1st of every month for all time logged in the previous month. Your invoices should be dated as the last day of the previous month. For example, on 10/1, you will invoice for September, and the date on your invoice should be 9/30. Please make sure that your timesheets are approved before invoicing us.
  • How do I invoice?
    Email your invoice to [email protected]. No need to itemize things, a total is fine. We rely on approved (and locked) Harvest timesheets for details. Make sure each invoice only contains time spent during one month. If you are invoicing for work done in multiple months, please submit them as separate invoices (one for each month’s work). Please include a copy of your approved Harvest timesheet as a PDF attachment for the time period you are invoicing. You can generate this PDF in Harvest by going to “Reports” > “Detailed Time” and running a report for the time period for which you’re invoicing. How do I Invoice?
  • How and when do I get paid?
    Invoices are net 30 — although we aim to pay you within 2 weeks. You’ll see payment in your bank account via direct deposit through Gusto. Don’t forget, you’re a 1099 contractor, so we don’t withhold any taxes. You’re responsible for applicable taxes in your jurisdiction.