• How should I use my TEN7 calendar? How should I indicate times I am busy for others to see?
    We ask that you somehow connect your personal calendar with your TEN7 calendar. However you do this is up to you! You can either share your personal calendar but keep the events private, or you can manually add your personal calendar events to your TEN7 calendar. Our goal is to make sure we have your availability handy for meetings and project needs.
  • What communication tools do you use?
    Slack is our primary tool for communicating with each other (and sometimes with clients). We expect that you’ll have it open throughout the day and set up your notifications, so we can resolve questions and conversations as quickly as possible. You will only have access to the channel for the project you’re working on. Sometimes it’s more efficient to have an impromptu Zoom or Vowel call with each other, so we’ll do that. We use email sparingly, and mostly with clients.
  • What other tools do you use?
    You can find TEN7’s full tech stack here.
  • How should I communicate my availability?
    Please communicate your availability with your project team.
  • What hours should I keep?
    This is up to you! But we prefer that you’re somewhat reachable during our canonical time zone of CST. We’re also a flexible company and work to accommodate each other’s schedules across time zones.
  • Do I need to use my TEN7 email address?
    Only if you are communicating directly with clients. If we do set one up for you, please do not forward your email from your TEN7 account to any other email address. Always do TEN7’s business with TEN7’s email address. (You probably won’t send or receive a great deal of email, we’re mostly in Slack all day long.) Be sure to add your Google profile photo when you first log in.
  • Can I connect my personal apps with TEN7 apps?
    We ask that you please keep all TEN7 tools and their contents separate from any personal tools you might use. Please avoid using your personal email inbox for TEN7 purposes or connecting any personal tools with those of TEN7.
  • What are the expectations around using Slack with clients?
    We don’t use Slack with clients — only email.
  • What kind of project or ticket management system do you use?
    For the most part, we use Jira for technical work and Notion for everything else. We have a ticketing system in Jira, so that tickets can be assigned to you and you can change the status as you work on something. Someone will walk you through how to use Jira in more detail, before you start.