• Do you have standups? Am I supposed to attend?
    Standups are scheduled per project at the discretion of the Project Manager. You are expected to attend them if you’re assigned to the project.
  • Where is all the code?
    Most of the code you will work with will be in Gitea, to which you can get access by asking for it in the #developers Slack channel. We have clients that host with Pantheon, AWS, Azure and platform.sh, so each will have their own setup.
  • How do I make changes to code?
    We use the git flow branching model, and use feature branches extensively. Your code will always be reviewed by another set of eyes before it goes live. And we expect that you will spend time reviewing code from others as well. This is how we all learn!
  • How do I get my code live?
    Getting your code live is usually a mix of creating a feature branch, pushing the code into the develop branch, and then doing a release to the main branch. Please confirm this process with our Director of Development before you do this. You probably won’t be responsible for doing releases to main.