• Do I get any time off? When is TEN7 closed?
    As a contractor, you won’t get any paid time off. If you need to take time off, we ask that you give us as much notice as possible, so we can plan accordingly. You can reference the TEN7 Handbook for specific holiday closures.
  • Should I attend All Company Meetings?
    Once per quarter, we hold an all company meeting — sometimes virtual, sometimes in person. You’re always welcome to join those meetings, and we encourage it! The one caveat is that we can’t pay for your time to attend these meetings, since they are optional for you as a contractor. If you choose not to attend, we’ll make sure to relay anything to you that’s super important that may come out of them. (We also record these meetings, so you could watch them after they happen, too.)
  • TEN7 Lunches
    From time to time, TEN7 may choose to buy you lunch — usually during a quarterly “All Hands…Are Welcome” meeting. When this happens, TEN7 will cover up to $25 for one person. Anything above and beyond $25 or for other people in your household is your responsibility to cover.
  • Do I get any TEN7 issued hardware or software?
    Nope! ← simplest answer
  • Does TEN7 have Brand Guidelines?
    Why yes, we do! You can find them at https://t7.io/brandguidelines.
  • What is the correct way to write the company name?
    The rule of thumb is that “TEN7” should always be written in CAPS with NO space between the “TEN” and the number “7”. Don’t use lower case, and don’t add spaces. The “TEN7” wordmark is geared to resemble the logo as closely as possible.
  • What is TEN7’s contact information?